Co-packers market is growing strongly
8th July 2019

Press article about EPCA’s conference (in dutch language)

De European Co-Packers Association organiseerde 23 mei jl. zijn derde ECPA Conference in Eindhoven. Daar werden de resultaten van een marktonderzoek gepresenteerd. Daaruit blijkt onder meer dat de co-packer-markt in de lift zit. Maar liefst 81% van de co-packers is tussen 2016 en 2018 gegroeid en 30% verwacht de komende drie jaar te gaan investeren in meerdere verpakkingslijnen… Read the conference recap written by Harry van Deursen. 

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Market report 2018

As presented at our conference in Eindhoven we have published a new version of ECPA's market report. The 2018 Market Survey, which was conducted between September 2018 and March 2019, is ECPA’s 3rd report.

Conference 2019

On 22 and 23 May, the European Co-packers Association organised the 3rd Industry conference which was held in Eindhoven, Netherlands. 

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