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Co-Filling Services OHG

Co-Filling Services (CFS) fills liquid food products in rigid containers for brand owners and trading companies. Being situated just off the port of Hamburg, we are in a logistical hotspot and service customers from all over Europe. Fats and oils as well as sticky products like syrups and honey are our specialty. Recent additions to our production plant also allow us to co-manufacture products such as spreads, dips, and dressings. 

We do what we do since 2008 with ever growing excellence and passion. Markets and customers around us change and advance by the day and so do we. Be invited to visit our factory, call us, try us, because customer service is what we value highest and what motivates us most. And for what it's worth: IFS Food and organic certification is minimum standard at CFS.


  • IFS Food
  • Certified Organic