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Crème de la Cream Company BV

Zaanstad co-packers & co-makers is the new trading name of Verpakkingsbedrijf Zaanstad BV, which has been in existence almost 30 years. In December 1998, the company was taken over by Crème de la Cream Company BV, and the founder still works as plant manager today. This amalgamation has secured the know-how and potential for innovation in the processing & packaging of foodstuffs. As such, it has created a strong, efficient, service-oriented entity. It is one of the larger foodstuffs co-packers in the Netherlands.

Zaanstad co-packers & co-makers concentrates on both the production (i.e. blending, grinding and packaging of granulate and powdered products) for retailers and the food service channel, and the B2B serving of multi-nationals that are unable to manufacture certain products internally or prefer not to. Recently, fluid food products were added to our production capabilities. Food safety and quality are the most important key issues. Zaanstad co-packers & co-makers is BRC, IFS, COKZ (dairy) and Skal (organic) certified.

Zaanstad co-packers & co-makers means innovative and price-efficient concepts and packaging forms. As such, partnership often translates into development projects. Ask us about how we can help.

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    Thomas Tordoir

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    +31 756 127 250

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    Sluispolderweg 40, 1505 HK Zaandam, Netherlands


  • BRC Food
  • BRC Storage and Distribution
  • IFS Cash & Carry Wholesale
  • IFS Food
  • Certified Organic
  • Kosher