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Powerpak delivers contract manufacturing services, to all EU areas, that will exceed your quality expectations and we pass on to you the substantial cost savings accrued from operating in the EU’s lowest production cost area.

From our new modern factory in the heart of Europe our 20 year old company supplies
the following contract manufacturing services:-

- Cosmetic and personal care retail pack filling
- Household and laundry chemical bulk mixing
- Household and laundry chemical retail pack filling.
- Formulae and Packaging development support
- Most packaging formats are handled e.g. Pouches,
- Sachets, tubes, bottles, blisters etc. on our modern production lines
- Total factory capacity is in excess of 200 million+ retail packs/year.
- Sourcing competitively priced components from EU and Asia.

The quality of our work is ensured by a well-equipped laboratory where all key equipment is calibrated and IQ,OQ and PQ qualified by government approved certifying bodies. The lab, headed up by a MSc Chemist and Microbiologist, has the following capabilities:

- Microbiological testing including colony counting and identification.
- ATP Assay using Bioluminescence
- HPLC (High performance liquid chromatography
- Karl Fischer & Volumetric titrations
- Digital densometer
- Conductivity and pH
- Many other chemical and physical tests available

We are approved suppliers to many of Europe’s largest Brand owners and Supermarket chains.


  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 22716
  • Sedex