We are Truvant, a Global Packaging Services Company

We help to accelerate your business by delivering state-of-the-art technological solutions, from strategy & design to production, through close collaboration with our clients.  

Formed by the merger of Prairie Industries, Nu Pak & Sonoco Display & Packaging, we have scale and geographic reach that is unmatched in the contract manufacturing and contract packaging industry.  Truvant helps the world’s greatest brands get their products to the market in the most efficient and effective way by focusing on collaborative value creation, holistic cost management, best-in-class quality and service and a highly-flexible business model. With our know-how and experience in working on both small projects to packcenters fulfilling tens of millions SKUs, we bring the highest operational standards.

Why to partnership with Truvant?

  • Reduce Cost: reducing operating costs through increased manufacturing efficiency in production, reduced transportation demand, less miles travelled, load densification, etc
  • Improve Service: improving order fill rates and product availability, reducing stock outs, reducing damages, improving speed to market
  • Increase Flexibility: providing highly flexible, creative solutions focused on customer short- and long-term needs
  • Increase Speed: increasing time to market for new product introductions, line extensions, format changes, promotions and seasonal events
  • Streamline Planning: making it easier to plan demand at the base goods level, allowing more flexibility in product configuration without increasing complexity
  • Reduce Inventory: minimizing inventory on hand, reducing slow moving and obsolete goods, reduced working capital, reduced need for rework
  • High volumes: we operate on a big scale, from hundreds to thousands to tens of millions SKU’s

Truvant Europe Sp. z o.o.

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Cedric Welterlin

Truvant Europe Sp. z o.o., Sosnowiec-Pieńki, ul. Przemysłowa 1, 95-010 Stryków, Poland

+33 619 153 868

Truvant Europe Sp. z o.o.

Contact us

⚇ Contact name: Cedric Welterlin

⚐ Truvant Europe Sp. z o.o., Sosnowiec-Pieńki, ul. Przemysłowa 1, 95-010 Stryków, Poland

✆ Call us: +33 619 153 868

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