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Move it Safely


In 2014, 14 billion tons of goods were transported by road in Europe. Of these, approximately 4% (560 million tons) is estimated to be lost or damaged during transportation – the equivalent to 373 million pallets of goods.

By 2050 it is estimated there will be an 80% increase in freight transportation compared to 2005. With this, transportation and regulatory requirements will increase, calling for safer, cheaper and more sustainable transport solutions. With the increase in freight transport distances and the sometimes difficult road conditions, load security is a major challenge for the supply chain and the freight industry, as cargo failures represent a major economic, safety and waste issue. In Europe, new load security requirements have recently been introduced to increase people’s safety, whilst minimizing product damage. Retailers, brand owners and logistic shipping companies are today looking for solutions to help reduce the economic and safety impact of cargo failures and to ensure goods arrive safely at their final destination.

The use of packaging solutions delivering high load stability, package integrity and durability, helps to improve pallet load stability and to reduce cargo failures. It also improves safety for both people and goods, helps reduces waste, and ensures that food and other merchandise are protected and transported safely from the manufacturer to the end consumer.
Our resins and acrylics can contribute to ensure that goods are tightly packed and safely transported at destination. This is our Move it Safely value proposition to the entire packaging Value Chain.


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